Percussive Dance Preservation Project

Support. Develop. Preserve.

The Percussive Dance Preservation Project is dedicated to the support, development, and preservation of percussive dance in the United States. 


The Percussive Dance Preservation Project is working on developing an infrastructure that independent percussive dance artists can rely on for -- well, support. Do you need a rehearsal space? We want to have solutions for you. Hiring  musician? Dancers? Stage managers? Lighting, sound, technical professionals? We want to create a community of support professionals you can draw from. 


Do you need administrative support while you develop a new project? Writing a grant for the first time, and you want some guidance? Or are you looking for grant opportunities that might fit your project? We want to develop a network of administrative support that can make the process of being an independent artist a little easier.


Realistically, we know it will take time and a lot of work to develop resources like those we're describing. We are a new organization, and we know that resources like this can't be created overnight. We also know we can't do it alone. If you're a working percussive dancer with a reference you'd like us to know about, send us a message. 

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