Percussive Dance Preservation Project

Support. Develop. Preserve.

The Percussive Dance Preservation Project is dedicated to the support, development, and preservation of percussive dance in the United States. 


Preservation may be the most important thing we can do, as artists, as dancers, and as an organization. It is also the most daunting. How do we preserve the art of those from whom we learned our craft, in a way that remains true to traditions that have often been passed down orally, and in a format that is flexible enough for a variety of percussive dance styles with varying formats of material, from video to audio to photos and other written media?

We don't know yet. But we believe this is important. We're aware of the inherent challenges we will likely encounter, but we'll work through them, one at a time, until we can create a database that's accessible to artists. 


We can't possibly preserve everything ourselves. We will need help. Stay tuned for possible preservation projects that involve members of the community in interesting, important ways!

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